Representing Stepparents, Grandparents and Relatives Who Adopt

Adoption is one of the few family law cases that is usually a win-win situation for everyone involved. A parent receives a child and a child receives a loving home.

At Sosa Law Office, P.A. , in Brandon, Florida, our attorneys help stepparents, grandparents and other parents adopt children. In most of the adoptions we handle, the adoptive parent is a relative or is already living in a parent-child relationship with the child that he or she is adopting.

How Stepparent, Relative and Grandparent Adoptions Work

In Florida, stepparent, grandparent and relative adoptions are simpler than private adoptions. The adoptive parent does not have to go through a criminal background check. You also do not have to have a home evaluation visit if the child is already living with you. However, the parental rights of the biological parent still need to be terminated before the adoption can take place.

In some cases, the biological parent or parent do not object to having their parental rights terminated. However, if the biological parent objects, he or she will have an opportunity to be heard in court.

Our lawyers will help you navigate all of your legal responsibilities throughout the adoption process and in the termination of parental rights. Our lawyers will also assist you in having the child's birth certificate and other legal documentation changed to reflect the adoption.

Contact Our Florida Relative Adoption Lawyers for a Initial Consultation

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