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Nothing is more important than family. When family relationships change and marriages end, family law disputes can quickly escalate into heated legal battles. It is important to hire smart, strong attorneys to protect your interests and your family.

At Sosa Law Office, P.A., our Brandon family law lawyers provide clients throughout Florida's West Central Gulf Coast with effective legal advice and counsel during their most trying family law disputes. Together we will protect your property during a divorce, preserve your parent-child bonds and help you move forward with your life.

Hillsborough County Estate Planning Lawyers

At Sosa Law Office, P.A., we help generations of families preserve their wealth through comprehensive estate planning.

Our attorneys work intimately with clients to develop strategic estate plans that preserve their properties, protect their families, and pass wealth to the next generation in the most tax-efficient manner possible. We also represent clients during the probate and trust administration process, and provide strong legal representation during will contests, and trust and probate litigation.

At Sosa Law Office, P.A., our attorneys have reputations for being aggressive litigators. Opposing counsel knows we are serious about protecting our clients' interests. Because we prepare each case as if trial were inevitable, we are often able to drive better settlement offers that make the time and cost of litigation unnecessary. We won't be intimidated into settling a case for less than it is worth, and we won't push costly litigation when a more beneficial settlement agreement can be reached through negotiation.

Strong Legal Representation When You Need It Most

At Sosa Law Office, P.A., we help individuals, families and businesses resolve their most complex legal issues. Our attorneys help individuals discharge their debts through bankruptcy, advise and counsel Florida's businesses, and provide strong legal support during commercial litigation.

In addition, our firm provides aggressive criminal defense representation to individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses.

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